Perfomance Baselayers

No matter how warm or cold it is, the body produces heat and sweat during outdoor activities. It is vital to let excess moisture escape from the skin as it is to protect the body from over exposure to wind and rain. The Helly Hansen performance baselayers with Lifa® Stay Dry Technology™ has kept athletes in the performance zone for more than 30 years. Lifa® Stay Dry Technology features:

Helly Hansen produces three types of baselayers, HH®COOL™, HH®DRY™ and HH® Warm™.

HH®COOL™ - the ultimate baselayer for use on warmer days or in warmer climates. With Lifa® next to the skin and polyester on the outside it acts as a quick dry absorber. The HH®COOL™ baselayers keep you dry and cool and are ideal for high intensity activities when it is hot.

HH®DRY™ - a versitile baselayer that provides exceptional moisture control for year round use. HH®DRY™ baselayers can be used as a single layer, they keep you dry and comfortable and are ideal for high intensity activities all year.

HH® Warm™ - the thermal baselayer with a perfect combination of comfort and performance. HH® Warm™ baselayers are made of hollow core Lifa® fibres next to the skin and super fine marino wool on the outside. These keep you extra dry and warm and are ideal for variable intensity activities when it is cold.